Taking out of service

Electrical equipment taken out of service can be delivered free of charge to appropriate waste collection points. Small electrical appliances (all outer dimensions less than 25 cm) can be returned, free of charge and with no obligation of purchase of a new product, to any daily consumer goods store with sales area exceeding 1,000 m2 and to specialised stores with sales area exceeding 200 m2. Bigger electrical devices (one of outer dimensions more than 25 cm) can be returned to any store upon the purchase of a new similar product. The recycling of electrical equipment reduces the amount and harmfulness of waste electrical and electronic equipment, promotes the reuse and recycling of the equipment and components, and improves the pre-processing and treatment of waste.


Used batteries and accumulators can be returned to collection bins at stores selling these products or to appropriate waste collection points. The recycling of batteries and accumulators promotes the reuse of materials and reduces both the amount of waste and the environmental impact. Prior to taking batteries or accumulators to recycling, please tape the poles with tape so that they are not exposed – and, whenever needed, put the products inside a plastic bag to prevent leaking problems.


The manufacturers and importers of the products are responsible for the costs of the waste management of their products when the products are taken out of service. This is called producer responsibility. The monitoring authority for the producer responsibility for electrical and electronic equipment and batteries is the Pirkanmaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, Finland. For more information on producer responsibility, see here.