Electrical products

Free movement of goods is one of the key principles and goals of the European Union market. The key requirements concerning the safety, health and environmental considerations of electrical products have been harmonised on the EU level and defined in EU Directives, Regulations and Decisions as well as in national legislation.


The manufacturer of electrical products shall ensure the product's conformity with requirements before placing it on the market. If necessary, the product shall be delivered to a Notified Body for assessment. With the CE marking, the manufacturer can attest that the product fulfils all the requirements laid down on the marking. Electrical product with the CE marking are free to move within the whole European Union area.


There are around 100,000 different types of electrical products on the Finnish market. Usually the products are connected with a plug to a socket-outlet of an electrical mains network . The end-user bears the responsibility for the use of the electrical product. The obligation of the manufacturer, importer or distributor is to supply with the equipment all the instructions and information necessary for the safe and appropriate use, maintenance and taking out of service of the product.