Notification of a construction product bearing incomplete CE marking

Use the form here below to notify Tukes of a construction product which does not bear an appropriate CE marking.


Please provide us with as much detail as possible about the construction product and its manufacturer or importer. This information is usually available from the marking attached to the construction product, its packaging or the accompanying documents.


A construction product means any product or kit which is incorporated in a permanent manner in construction works and whose characteristics have an effect on the characteristics of the construction site. Construction products include, for example, hollow core floor elements, insulation or the mineral aggregates used in asphalt. Construction products do not include products such as cupboards or interior decoration.


You can also use this form to make the notifications referred to in section 181 of the Land Use and Building Act of Finland, articles 12, 13 and 14 of the Construction Products Regulation (EU) and article 27 of the NLF Regulation (EU).


Note:  This form shall only be used for products placed on the market in Finland or in service in Finland.


(Maximum allowed total size of files is 9.77MB)

Enter any photos or photocopies of the construction product's CE marking and other potential documents, such as test reports, in the fields above.
*What is the commercial name of the construction product? Please provide identifying information about the construction product, for example its measurements.
*Does the product, its label, product package or commercial documents contain a CE marking?

What are the defects of the construction product?
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The contact details of the construction product's place of purchase or the site where it is used:
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The contact details of the notifier: If you choose not to fill in your contact information, please make sure that you have provided us with enough information about the product, its place of purchase and the site where it is used.
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