The National Communications Plan for Dangerous Chemicals 2014–2020

Finland first adopted the National Programme on Dangerous Chemicals in 2006. When it was updated in 2012, it was recommended that a separate communications plan be drawn up for the programme.


This communications plan was drawn up in 2013 through an extensive partnership network of authorities coordinated by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes).


In addition to the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency, the following took part in preparing the plan: the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Forestry and Agriculture, Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira, Finnish Environment Institute, National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, and Regional State Administrative Agencies.


Although the plan extends to 2020, its objectives and content will be updated annually.


Communications plan (pdf, 0,5 MB)