VOC Paints supervision

The implementation of the provisions of the VOC Paints Decree is supervised by supervisory authorities referred to in section 22 of the Environmental Protection Act: the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment and municipal environmental protection authorities. Tukes is responsible for organising the supervision and drawing up the supervision programme used to monitor compliance with the Decree. In 2007–2009 the supervision of compliance with the VOC Paints Decree mainly took place on the basis of information provided by entrepreneurs to Tukes. Where necessary, supervision visits are also conducted.


VOC Paints Supervision Programme (PDF) (in Finnish)


By the end of March each year, entrepreneurs must provide Tukes with information on the previous calendar year considering the quantities of products covered by the VOC Paints Decree manufactured, imported, exported and sold by them. The quantity information must be submitted electronically using the form below. The form can also be found at www.suomi.fi.