Retail sales of chemicals


The Finnish Government Decree on Retail Sales of Chemicals (644/2013) lays down special provisions applying to the storage of toxic chemicals for sales purposes, preconditions for supply and supply by pharmacies and refusal of supply. The term toxic chemical denotes a chemical classified as toxic or very toxic in the legislation to be phased out, or a chemical classified as having acute toxicity in categories 1—3 as laid down in the CLP Regulation.


The Government Decree includes e.g. the following provisions:


  • In retail outlets or their storage facilities, toxic chemicals shall be stored in locked-up premises. This obligation shall not apply to fuels (except methanol-containing fuel).
  • Toxic chemicals shall only be supplied to persons over the age of 18, except fuels, which shall be supplied regardless of the recipient's age. Methanol-containing motor fuel shall only be supplied to persons under the age of 18, if authorised in writing by their legal guardian.
  • Upon supply of a toxic chemical from pharmacy, the recipient shall be liable to give his personal data and address, together with the name, amount and intended purpose of the chemical using a separate notification duly dated and signed by the recipient, whose identity shall be proved. The pharmacy shall keep the notification for five years.
  • No chemical whatsoever shall be supplied, if there is reason to suspect the chemical is likely to be used for the purpose of intoxication or for any other misuse that may cause serious health risks.