The aim of chemicals surveillance is to prevent health hazards and environmental damage as well as risk of fire or explosion caused by chemicals. By means of surveillance it is established whether chemicals placed on the market in Finland meet the obligations and regulations laid down in the national chemicals legislation and consequently in the EU legislation as to labelling, packaging, restrictions of use and licence procedures. Surveillance also aims to recall any non-conforming chemicals from the market or have the defects corrected to achieve conformity. Surveillance also covers retail shops to make sure they follow the provisions pertaining to the sales of dangerous chemicals.


Surveillance is targeted either at chemicals in retail sale or those stored by their manufacturers, importers and/or distributors. The targeting of surveillance at chemicals of enterprises responsible for their placing on the market helps ensure in advance that chemicals available in retail outlets are in conformity with the chemicals legislation in terms of correct labelling, packages and other requirements before they are supplied for sale or use.


The objective of plant protection product surveillance is to prevent the marketing and use of plant protection products that are not authorised in Finland or that have been removed from the Plant Protection Products Register. Also supervised are appropriate use, sales, marketing, advertising and product conformity.


Tukes is the authority responsible for the chemicals surveillance in Finland. In this work, we may have partners, such as the Department of Occupational Safety and Health of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira and the Finnish Customs.


The Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres) and the municipal environmental protection authorities monitor the compliance with the chemicals legislation within their surveillance activities laid down in the Environmental Protection Act of Finland. They also supervise the implementation of the provisions of the VOC Paints Decree of Finland. Tukes works out a surveillance programme in order to monitor the compliance with the Decree.