Product authorisation


A plant protection product may only be placed on the market or used in Finland if authorised as a plant protection product. Applications for authorisation must be submitted to Tukes.  


Applications for authorisation are governed by the following key provisions:


  • PPP Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 (for applications submitted after 14 June 2011)
  • The new Regulation repeals the Plant Protection Products Directive (91/414/EEC), which is still applicable to products for which the application has been filed before 14 June 2011



The active substances used in plant protection products must be approved within the European Community.

Substances or preparations intended for use as plant protection products that have not been authorised in accordance with the Act on Plant Protection Products may only be manufactured, stored or imported for the purpose of research and trials or export. Research and trial activity requires a permit issued by Tukes on application.