Calculator for predicted environmental concentration in soils for plant protection products (PEC soil calculator)

PEC soil calculator (xls) predicts concentrations in the uppermost 5-cm soil layer in prevailing cold climatic conditions over a period of 20 years. The calculator does not account for evaporation, absorption by plants nor leaching to deeper soil layers, and thus represents a worst case situation. The worst case laboratory DT50 value should be used primarily as an input value, but a worst case field DT50 value can be used on case by case basis if the DT50 value has been normalized to 20 °C and to field capacity.

Applicants should use these soil concentrations in the risk assessment of the soil organisms, when preparing the Annex III dossiers.

A restriction on the use in the consecutive years can be attached to sale packages of products in authorization process of plant protection products, if risk occurs after use in consecutive years.


PEC soil calculator (xls)

The use instructions are given in the first page of the calculator.

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