List of Plant Protection Products

The list of 'Plant Protection Products 2015' contains information on the products included in the Plant Protection Product Register as at 1 January 2017:

 'Plant Protection Products 2017'  (pdf, in Finnish)

 'Plant Protection Products 2017' (pdf, in Swedish)

The list contains the following information: product name and registration number; active substance(s) and concentration(s); authorised use, including any authorised minor use (off-label) uses.

This list is supplemented by the following file, which provides up-to-date information about plant protection products approved in 2016-2017:


'A list of  plant protection products authorised during 2017' (pdf, 13.12.2017; in Finnish)

'A list of  plant protection products authorised during 2016' (pdf, 22.12.2016; in Finnish)