Explosives precursors – labelling requirements

Chemicals that contain any substance referred to in the Regulation (EU) No 98/2013 on Explosives Precursors, Annex I, are subject to labelling as laid down by the Regulation. The labelling shall be included in the packaging of chemicals made available to consumers, whenever the chemical contains any substance in Annex I in concentration that exceeds the threshold limit values. The label element shall be part of the warning labelling of a chemical classified as hazardous, and placed in the section for supplemental information, as laid down by the CLP Regulation (EU). The chemicals suppliers are liable to ensure that the label of these chemicals carries the following statement (in Finnish and Swedish):

"Hankkiminen, hallussapito tai käyttö yksityiseen kulutukseen on rajoitettu.

"Privatpersoners köp, innehav och användning omfattas av restriktioner."
(= Acquisition, possession or use by the general public is restricted.)


The EU Regulation aims at limiting the possibilities of consumers to purchase chemicals that could be misused for the illicit manufacture of explosives. Purchase of such explosives for private use in Finland is subject to a licence to be applied for with the Finnish National Police Board.


Suspicious transactions, disappearances and thefts of the chemicals referred to in Annexes 1 and 2 to the aforementioned Regulation shall be reported by the entrepreneurs to the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation (email: lahtoaine.krp@poliisi.fi).


The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) monitors the compliance with the labelling requirements as part of its surveillance responsibilities by law.