Treated articles

There is a completely new concept in BPR: treated articles. A treated article means any substance, mixture or article which has been treated with, or which intentionally contains one or more biocidal products. The definition of a treated article does not exist in any other EU legislation. An article, familiar from REACH and CLP, is an object which shape, surface or design given during production defines its function more than its chemical composition. An article is identically defined biocide context.


A treated article can therefore also be a liquid product, e.g. a detergent which contains a preservative.


After a transitional period, treated articles can only contain active substances which have been approved in the EU for the product-type and use in question. The same requirement concerns treated articles produced in the EU and outside the EU.


The labelling requirements of BPR apply in case the manufacturer of the treated article presents a claim regarding biocidal properties of the article, or it is deemed necessary based on the risk assessment of the active substance(s) due to possible human exposure or release into the environment. Labelling requirements shall take effect as early as 1 September 2013.


Guidance on the provisions concerning treated articles has been published at the ECHA website.



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