Transition periods

All provisions and requirements of the new regulation will not apply immediately from 1 September 2013.


Transitional measures have been established for e.g. biocidal products which are not in the scope of Directive 98/8/EC but which are on the market on 1 September 2013. Applications for authorisation of such biocidal products must be submitted by 1 September 2017.


The right to access an active substance dossier was to be demonstrated by 1 September 2015. The required information was to be submitted to ECHA starting from 1 September 2013.


Use of prohibited active substances in treated articles shall be stopped by 1 September 2016.


The current national authorisation procedures will continue in Finland until the active substance has been approved on the EU level and authorisation according to BPR has to be applied for the products. This applies to wood preservatives, slimicides in pulp and paper industry, antifouling products, rodenticides, insecticides, acaricides and pest control repellents and (PT 18 and PT 19).


The transition measures of BPR do not affect the valid authorisations.


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