Biocidal pesticides during the transitional period

Biocidal pesticides is a term used for insecticides, acaricides and insect repellents. Placing of new products on the Finnish market and their use call for an authorisation (under Chemicals Act 599/2013).


The marketing of biocidal pesticides is subject to special regulations.


Authorisation procedure

Authorisation can be requested for products with an active substance that has been notified for evaluation in the review programme of biocidal active substances and that is not found in the Commission's list of active substances on which a non-inclusion decision has been taken.


After the transitional period the authorisation of biocidal pesticides will in all respects take place under the Community authorisation procedure. The transitional period is due to extend until 31 December 2024 but it may also be shorter, ending once a decision concerning the acceptability of the active substance the product contains has been made in accordance with the Biocidal Products Directive or Regulation.


Those planning to use biocidal pesticides for process-oriented research and development must submit a notification to Tukes. Use in scientific research and development calls for written records about the experiments and the substances or products used in them.



Each application must be accompanied by a dossier of information regarding the product and its active substances. Provisions regarding the information required are laid down in the Ministry of the Environment Decree 419/2014.


Application documentation can be in Finnish, Swedish or English. The completed application form and Appendices 1−3 must be submitted to Tukes. Instructions for use and other package labelling and the safety data sheet must be provided in Finnish and Swedish. Applications for re-authorisation must be made one year prior to the expiry date of the valid authorisation.


Authorisation fee

Tukes will charge a fee to cover the processing of each application.



Details of authorised biocidal pesticides are filed in a register (in Finnish).


Questionnaire on quantities sold

Under the Chemicals Act (599/2013) 22§, manufacturers or importers of biocidal pesticides must, on request, provide Tukes with annual information about the amounts of chemicals manufactured and imported by them. The form should be filled in by March 31st. 

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