Approval of active substances

Biocidal active substances will still be approved at the EU level under BPR. The first approval is usually valid for 10 years and a renewal for 15 years.


Nano forms of active substances have now been specifically mentioned in the regulation. An approval does not cover nano forms unlessit has been specifically mentioned in the approval decision.


An active substance will not be approved if it is classified as carcinogen, germ cell mutagen or toxic for reproduction in category 1A or 1B. Substances having endocrine-disrupting properties and substances with major environmental risks (PBT or vPvB substances) are not accepted either. It is possible to deviate from the above mentioned principles in some cases, e.g. if the risk is deemed negligible from exposure to the active substance in a biocidal product.


The Commission maintains a list of approved active substances.


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