Requirements set for tanks and packaging

Tanks and packaging must meet the requirements set for them. Tank and packaging manufacturers, importers and other relevant operators must be able to provide evidence of them having been manufactured, designed and inspected in compliance with the requirements set in relevant legislation and regulations.

The design type of each package must be tested using a method required by the VAK inspection body and be approved by the body. Before a design type can be taken into use, it must pass the type tests specified for it. Type tests must be repeated if there are any changes to the design type, material or production method of the package.

The design, equipment, testing and markings of intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) must be approved and tested by the VAK inspection body. IBCs must have a permanent marking providing data including the material, intended use and time of manufacture. IBCs must be type tested and each design type must be issued a certification and a marking in evidence of its conformity. IBCs must be inspected at specific intervals, with the maximum service life of plastic IBCs being 5 years.

The design of vehicle tanks must ensure that they are able to endure the strain caused by the contents and transport. Tanks must be manufactured, tested and inspected in accordance with the relevant standards. Tanks must be made of appropriate material and be tolerant to the temperature range of -40 ̊C… + 50 ̊C. Weld joints and their inspections must always be compliant with requirements. The standards concerning the manufacture, testing and inspections of tanks are listed in section 6.8 of Decree of the Ministry of Transport and Communications 171/2009. Each tank must be approved by the VAK inspection body and inspected before it is taken into use. Tanks must also be subjected to periodic inspections at specific intervals. Each tank must have a marking plate containing information including the approval number, year of manufacture, total volume, tank code and the name of the inspection body and the date of the inspection. Tanks used for Class 2 substances (gases) are approved by the Notified Body.

The Finnish competent authority for radioactive substances is the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK).

Approval_inspections of tanks and packaking


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