Land-use planning

Planning authorities are legally bound to examine the consequences of construction when drafting the plan. Among the issues to be established are the consequences of potential accidents in near-by establishments with chemicals and explosives. For the planning of areas in the vicinity of establishments involving accident hazards, a statement must be obtained from Tukes and the rescue service authority.


In order to ensure a smooth process, we recommend consulting Tukes and the rescue authorityat an early stage (e.g. the participation and assessment plan) to determine whether opinions, participation in meetings with the authorities, etc., are needed later.


A consultation zone has been defined for all chemical sites supervised by Tukes. A statement must be obtained from Tukes and the rescue authority for any plan changes or larger construction in these areas. You can find a list of the establishments and their consultation zones here (in Finnish).


A basic requirement for the siting of a new production plant is that the planning in the area permits it. The area must be reserved for industrial and storage operations, in which case its plan symbol is “T”, for example. The plan symbol T/Kem is recommended for sites that pose a major accident risk (an industrial or storage building area where a major plant that manufactures or stores dangerous chemicals can be located). A production plant may not, without specifically justified grounds, be located on a major groundwater area or other groundwater area suitable for water supply.


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