Installation and use


Gas appliances intended for private consumer use are ready to use. However, use is conditional upon compliance with the installation requirements appearing in national legislation in attaching appliances to gas cylinders. The manufacturer’s instructions given in the use and installation manual shall also be observed when installing and taking into use gas appliances. Only gas installation companies approved by Tukes may carry out fixed installations.


Only approved gas installation businesses may carry out installation and servicing of equipment to use and handle LPG in a fixed installation. LPG pipelines (but not operational equipment attached thereto) may also be installed and maintained by operators whose operational prerequisites have been deemed sufficient in accordance with the statutes and regulations concerning pressure equipment. The LPG-operated ignition devices and cylinders attached thereto in oil heating equipment may also be installed and maintained by operatosr entitled to install and maintain oil heating equipment.


By working together with installation and service companies, Tukes can obtain information on safety shortcomings and non-conformity in gas appliances observed on installation and service calls. Cooperation also contributes to the promotion of the safe use of gas appliances, as such companies also advise on the safe and proper use of appliances. Consumers need guidance, because although individual appliances may conform to requirements, safety is ultimately the sum total of proper selection of a gas appliance (incl. gas hoses and pressure regulators) for each specific purpose, proper installation and on-going proper maintenance.


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