Design and manufacture


The requirements concerning the design and manufacture of gas appliances concern the structure, function and marking of appliances. The general (essential) safety requirements for gas appliances are presented in the Gas Appliances Decree while technical requirements are laid down in the European standards.  Appliances must be so designed and built as to operate safely and present no danger to persons or property.


Manufacturers alone and ultimately are responsible for gas appliances intended for placement on the European Community market having been designed and manufactured in accordance with the provisions of the Gas Appliances Directive. Prior to placement on the market, appliances shall be examined for conformity as provided for in the Directive (EC type examination). Such verification is performed by notified bodies. The manufacturer affixes the CE mark to appliances as an indication that the appliance meets the requirements of the Directive.


Manufacturers shall also observe any country-specific requirements relating to the use of appliances. Such requirements appear in the European standard concerning each appliance.


Notified bodies also verify conformity with country-specific requirements such as requirements on gas appliance working pressure and the gas connection of the appliance


Manufacturers may use finished products, parts or components or subcontract the work. However, manufacturers must always attend to general supervision relating to the products and must be able to assume responsibility for the product.


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