Establishment operation and changes

The level of safety at an establishment handling and storing dangerous chemicals must be maintained and developed in a goal-oriented manner. Hazards to health, the environment and property must be taken into consideration in the operations.


The equipment must be kept operational. The establishment must have a service and maintenance plan that covers the operating condition of equipment, pipelines, etc. intended for the handling and storage of dangerous chemicals, and the regular checking of the functionality of alarm systems and safety equipment.


The operator must ensure that the personnel working at the establishment have sufficient competence in dangerous chemicals.  All establishments engaged in large-scale industrial handling and storage must have a chemicals supervisor familiar with the legislation and regulations regarding chemicals. The chemicals supervisor must have passed a qualification test arranged by Tukes before his or her appointment. A production plant may have more than one chemicals supervisor. The operator must have an up-to-date list of the appointed chemicals supervisors, including the extent of their areas of responsibility and the related duties and responsibilities. Qualification tests are only in Finnish and Swedish. The chemicals supervisor must play a significant role in the management of changes related to dangerous chemicals.


Changes made at a production plant must be implemented without endangering safety and in accordance with the change management procedures defined at the production plant. A licence must be acquired for any significant changes or expansions of large-scale production plant that are comparable to the establishment of a new production plant. Before the change is deployed, Tukes will carry out a commissioning inspection reviewing the conditions of the decision.  Tukes must be notified of any other changes having a significant impact on the risk of accidents. A change notification must also be made of the termination of operations and a change of operator.


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