Mokume Gane

Mokume Gane products consist of several metal laminates that have been worked and sintered in order to merge the laminates with each other. Such products may comprise silver or copper layers, or silver, gold or palladium laminates. Mokume Gane products differ from multi-metal products in that their metal layers cannot be detached from each other.


Under current legislation, Mokume Gane products cannot generally be marked as articles of precious metals. This is due to the fact that Mokume Gane products do not meet the requirements set for fineness. Such products cannot be marketed as articles of precious materials.


Mokume Gane products can only be marked if their laminates of varying colours are made of the same metal, for example, of 585 gold. In such a case, a product can be marked with the ‘585’ fineness and a responsibility mark. These products are not exempted from marking.