Responsibility mark


In Finland, the right to use a responsibility mark for articles made of precious metals is granted by Tukes, which also keeps a register of the marks that it has granted. The customer applies for a right to use a responsibility mark in writing, and is also obligated to notify Tukes of any substantial changes to the responsibility mark and its use. Links on the right hand side of this page point to instructions for submitting an application, to the application form, and to the register of the responsibility marks.


While an individual marking articles made of precious metals was previously required to have passed a qualification test for marking, this is no longer required. Just about anybody can mark articles made of precious metals. However, the enterprise carrying out marking and selling articles of precious metals must be familiar with the act and decree regulating the business with such articles, as well as of other legislation related to the business.


If a decision is made not to use a responsibility mark, or if its use is not possible for some reason, it is possible to place it on the market by having it hallmarked. At present, hallmarking in Finland is only allowed to be performed by the assay office Labtium Ltd.



The responsibility mark indicates the importer, manufacturer or seller of an article  who is responsible for the article and its conformity with requirements. Articles of precious metals on sale in Finland must be marked with a responsibility mark duly registered with Tukes, or alternatively with a hallmark. Today, only capital letters are approved for the responsibility mark. Nevertheless, responsibility marks were registered before 2000, and they can be used, provided that the registration is reconfirmed at regular intervals.


No harmonized regulations for articles made of precious metals exist in the EU; instead, each member state applies its own national legislation which in many cases differs sharply from each other. In other words, it is not sufficient that a responsibility mark is registered in one of the EU member states; it must also be registered in Finland.


The right to use a responsibility mark cannot be granted to a private person; instead, it can only be granted to an operational company. Private persons, as well as companies, who cannot or do not want to use a responsibility mark, can have their articles hallmarked by an assay office. The assay office certifies the article with a hallmark after an article made of precious metals has been found to comply with regulations.