Confirmation or termination of responsibility mark


If the registration of your responsibility mark is expiring, its registration must be either reconfirmed or terminated. Tukes will contact you in writing approx. one month before the registration expires. If you want to complete the action on your own initiative in advance, please follow the instructions below:


  1. Print out and fill in the form used to confirm or terminate the registration of a responsibility mark.
  2. For the responsibility mark sample, a small plate (e.g. a nickel silver plate), preferably with a matte surface, is needed. To ensure legibility, the mark must be stamped on the plate several times, in different strengths.
  3. If no changes to your company information have occurred within the last three years, we do not require an extract from the Trade Register or a printout from the Finnish Business Information System. If there have been changes, we request that you deliver up-to-date information on your company.


Information about the responsibility marks can be found in the Responsibility Marks Register (in Finnish). If you do not want your information to be displayed in the register, you can notify us to this effect using the same form. In that case, the register will display only the responsibility mark and the years of registration. If the details may be published in full, the name of the company or self-employed person, the municipality, and the telephone number will be displayed in addition to the above-mentioned information.


Confirming the registration is subject to charge, and terminating it is free of charge. The applicable price is listed in the Tukes price list. An invoice will be sent separately. Please send the filled-in form and the mark samples to

Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes)
P.O. Box 66
FI-00521 Helsinki


Tukes requires the information on confirmation or termination of registration to be supplied in writing.


For more information:

Name E-mail Telephone

Kirsi Wiitala

+358 29 5052 235

Anneli Pärnänen

+358 29 5052 637

Pirjo Säle

+358 29 5052 672